berry flavored la croix is not my favorite, but it will do just fine

Both of my kids are napping. At 11 am. Yes, my three year old is down for his nap two hours ahead of schedule. I’ve got The Hunger Games on for mindless entertainment, I’ve just opened up a cold can of berry flavored La Croix, and I’ve got a bunch of nice notebooks and my favorite pens out to make beautiful to-do lists and our meal plan for the week. (Don’t tell me I don’t know how to relax!) Listen, I love my kids. More than I love anyone or anything. I love them “with all of my heart,” as my three year old says. I love them the way most mothers love their kids – selflessly, unconditionally, exhaustively. My almost six-month-old baby is at the apex of sweet baby-ness. He’s all big blue byes and delicious rolls and sweet, proud, self-congratulatory smiles whenever he rolls over. But, that delicious little nugget of mine doesn’t sleep for shit. And, my bright, hilarious, gorgeous three year old is really playing around with boundaries these days. It’s like he turned three, woke up the next day and decided it’s time to TEST ALL THE LIMITS ALL THE TIME.  And mama is TIRED. So, today, the kids are being forced into an early double nap, and mama’s going to kick back with a cold one and a twenty-four pack of rainbow sharpies. See you in a couple of hours.

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